Two Decades of Success

All American Resources, Inc. has done one thing well over the last 20 years—


Long ago we designed and streamlined the rental quote process. Within an hour of a rental request, we can issue rates, terms, conditions, equipment specifications and a FAQ sheet containing site requirements. Our authorized agent agreements and years of contacts provides us with the ability to assist with locating and quoting on auxiliary equipment that may be necessary to complete a process.

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Essentially AARI is the “concierge” retained by the manufacturer to work on your behalf to expedite and improve your experience during and after the rental and/or purchase of their equipment. Although gearing up for a centrifuge process installation does demand extra time and expertise, the result should produce valuable cost savings and productivity advantages.

Centrifuge Service Centrifuge Service

On any rental or purchase of a centrifuge the most critical issue in this Operational Excellence era will be getting performance after the transaction. Centrifuge equipment providers must be willing and able to participate as expert sources that can provide support for bench scale testing, field trials, and personnel qualified to evaluate site parameters, energy requirements, and participate in the new process design. We have been successful because we represent and are supported by one of the finest centrifuge manufacturing facilities in the US. Founded in 1927, Hutchison Hayes pioneered the development of liquid/solids separation technology. Today, Hutchison Hayes Separation Inc. is one of the leading providers of US separation equipment, and has an extensive parts, repair and service department at its state-of- the -art manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas. The facility is also equipped with a lab and floor model testing centrifuge for assessing and qualifying our customer’s requirements.

This past year we are taking steps to expand our markets so we have finalized the paperwork to participate with contractors on awards for State and Federal contracts related to our equipment and services. Certified WBENC (WBE 101106), Certified Louisiana Small and Emerging Business Enterprise (16482); Certified-active as a Small Entrepreneurship with Louisiana Economic Development’s Hudson Initiative (16482) and will be Certified for Federal Contracts (SWOB designation) this summer through the WBENC program.

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2020 Montana mining project with two HHS-5500 Hydraulic Back Drive Decanters installed inside the building.

2020 Montana mining project with two HHS-5500 Hydraulic Back Drive Decanters

We are proud to be a woman owned business—operating in excellence and certified under WBENC as a Women's Business Enterprise.