HH 5500 Technical Data
HH-5500 Decanter/Polishing High G Centrifuge
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High G-Force 5500 Standard Centrifuge with Electric Motor Main Drive and Viscotherm Hydraulic Back Drive system. The main drive step sheave allows for two (2) fixed main drive speeds, generating 900 g's for barite recovery and 2100 g's for high speed polishing. The Viscotherm Hydraulic Back Drive system provides for infinitely adjustable differential between 1 RPM and 62 RPM.

The Hutchison Hayes Model 5500 Standard Decanting Centrifuge includes a rotating assembly dimensioned 16" diameter x 55" long. The rotating bowl is made from stainless steel and is centrifugally cast as one piece (not a welded assembly) in order to withstand corrosion and stress associated with high-speed operation. The conveyor is also constructed of stainless steel. This complete rotating assembly will be dynamically balanced.
Performance Benefits of Variable Scroll Speed
  • Increase / Decrease Tonnage Removed
  • Increase / Decrease Retention Time
  • Increase / Decrease Cake Dryness
  • Increase Oil Recovery
  • Decrease Oil on solids
  • Increase Volume of Valuable Oil Recovered
  • Decreases Impact on the Environment
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HH-5500 High G Decanter
  • Explosion proof, Class 1 div 1 operation/Nema 7 rating
  • Noise rating below 85 decibels
  • Bowl size 16 x 55.56
  • Maximum bowl operating sped:
  • 3700 RPM
  • Maximum conveyor Operating speed: 3663 RPM
  • Rated solids Output: 12,000 lbs./hr -13,500 Max
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Manual & Safety Bulletins for Download (.pdf format)
Technical Data Sheet



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