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Check out AAI Supply link (sister company) for  a catalog of spill response materials
and supplies including , Haz-Mat carts, Personal Protection Equipment (tyvek, booties, gloves, googles), booms, pads, rolls, drum top pads and more.........go to for complete list.

2/23/2010 EPA to slow down on carbon dioxide regulations

The Environmental Protection Agency said it would delay the implementation of new carbon dioxide limits for facilities such as refineries and coal plants to ease concerns that these rules could adversely affect businesses and workers.  The decision would also give lawmakers more time to craft a bill aimed at curbing greenhouse gases and avoid proceedings on whether the EPA should be allowed to regulate emissions.  Reuters (2/233), The Wall Street Journal (2/23)

2/23/2010 N/A


08/18/2008Alfa Laval Group acquires provider of separation equipment and services to the U.S. energy market
 Alfa Laval Group a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling has acquired Hutchison Hayes Separation, a leading provider of separation equipment, parts and services, mainly to the U.S. energy related industries. Hutchison Hayes' sales in 2007 were about SEK 150 million.



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