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All American Resources, Inc is the Exclusive U.S. Agent for Hutchison Hayes Separations, Inc. and manages all rentals, sales and leasing for industrial related applications.

High G Decanter
*Explosion proof, Class 1 div 2 operation/Nema 7 rating
*Rated solids output: 12,000 lbs./hr-13,500 Max.
*Maximum bowl operating speed: 3700 RPM
*Maximum converyor operating speed: 3663 RPM

HH Model 5500 Centrifuge with Electric Main Drive and Viscotherm Hydraulic Back Drive which allows the centrifuge operator to make adjustments without loss of time for shut downs.
The HH-5500 Decanter Centrifuges used in this rental fleet are the best performing, most reliable, and least operationally expensive centrifuges available for processing in a wide variety of hazardous and non hazardous streams.
HH-5500's are often specified by faciities in bid packages for liquid/solid separation where high solid percentages are expected and where heat and/or flocculation are required (tank bottom sludge with and without product recovery, K-Waste, F-Waste, DAF, API, Catalyst Fines, FCC ash removal, pond sediment). 
24/7 Service, Parts and Technical Support
All service and technical support personnel on the rental team have Industrial application experience, maintain TWIC cards, OSHA cards and are ready for site specific training if onsite service support is required by the customer.
  • Operator's centrifuge of choice for longer term, higher solid applications.
  • Average gpm rates, 33% higher in equivalent streams than competitve brands (418, 518, 1000, 3400) series centrifuges.
  • Rental fleet includes telescoping stands with ladders, guard rails, 10 hp feed pumps.
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  • Rental terms: Short term rentals -- 30 day miminums or 1 year lease terms, fob: Houston, Texas.
  • Auxillary Equipment: polymer injection pumps, close top catch tanks, shakers.
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Since no centrifuge is right for every job If this unit does not meet with the requirements of the proposed application AARI will assist you with locating the right centrifuge for your project.

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